If you are new to the airport or if you have less time between switching your flights and need assistance, meet and greet services are the best that save your time and give you a VIP feeling. The Airport lounges take good care of the passenger from airport drop to your departure while helping you with smooth transit through the security check points and even collect your luggage.

What are meet and greet services?

Meet and greet services are managed by airline services. Hence different airlines have different services. It is a service that helps the passengers starting from meeting at airport drop, avoid the long queues, passaging through checkpoints, print the boarding passes, language problems, helping to visit the lounge, taking care of your luggage, booking and boarding assistance, constant eye on flight arrivals to your departure. All this will be done by experienced personnel of the airlines team.

Who can choose a meet and greet service?

These services are basically apt for internationals travelers to help them ease their travel worries. However can be chosen by anyone who needs help. Most common are those who are on a business travel or a vacation and are new to the place.

Benefits of meet and greet service

  1. You will be welcomed by a smiling face which itself is so nice.
  2. This experienced personnel of the airline team is the right one who knows the airport well can guide you through all the places without you having to search and look for sign boards. This makes your travel smooth.
  3. The personnel can assist you with many services starting from attending you at arrival, taking care of your luggage, getting your boarding passes printed, helping through security checkpoints and also help you through language gaps. It’s a way to relax while someone else will take care of your things.
  4. This would be helpful when you have booked a holiday or a business travel in hurry and can’t look into many details like seating, food etc.You ask for a service and you will sure have it.
  5. There are arrival services also that help with receiving the personnel and helping him with a car service which makes things so easy rather than just wandering around the unfamiliar airport.
  6. So many people travel on a daily basis and hence getting a parking space for your car will be a tricky thing. You can even book a parking spot for your car and make things easy.
  7. You will also get assistance to the airport lounges (based on your eligibility). These can be pre booked.

Types of services:

Meet and greet services at the Airport lounges are designed by the airline that you are travelling. Hence, the package and services are pre planned by the airline. The common meet and greet services are named as “Gold service’ and “Silver service”. Some airlines also have “bronze service”. Like the name says, the services offered will be different in each category. Some even have specific packages for family that assist with car transfer, baby stroller etc which are specialized for family needs.

How to book the services:

Once you have booked your ticket, you can visit the airlines website and book these services. You can choose form the list of services they offer, pay for it and book.