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Traveling agencies are the assets for the tourists

Choosing the reputed, organized travel agencies from plenty of resources is not so easy. You have to personally monitor how well travel agencies work out to be the best option for your trip. You have to focus on different approaches to make a proper decision over here. Some people choose travel agencies that offer iceland reykjavik northern lights tour majorly.

Some tips to know:

  • Choosing the right travel agency and booking it for your memorable tour need to focus on many elements. Especially some travel agencies do provide their tourists with iceland reykjavik northern lights tour facility too.
  • First research about the amenities of the travel agency you book and followed out with a references list is a must to hire or book at a respectable reputed travel agency.
  • Look forward to the benefits that agencies provide you. Firstly it should be a quiet and comfortable trip at the end of the vacation you experience. So, choose on that range of services the hired agency provides. Moreover, also check out whether the agency do book reservations and bring you the tickets to avoid standing in queues like that. Also, enquire whether the agency has a partnership with popular hotels or restaurants and do they offer any kind of exciting offers to their tourists or not is also a considerable thing.
  • Also, check whether the agency you booked has a good track record. It’s like whether the agency offered different tours and packages. Just check out the list of tours they organized.
  • Try to know about the working hours of the agencies and do any customer support team assist you during your trip like that. This is the most important thing you have to enquire the agency that you hire. Most importantly, know how polite the customer team is in answering your queries. It’s like packages and the services that they provide etc. relevant information. Also, know about how the agency responds to your mails or do they ignoring your queries or answering them properly. Check all this information clearly before hiring the travel agency.
  • So, go through the entire terms and conditions of the traveling agency provided before going to plan a trip. Make out a list of deals with the travel agencies clearly for making your vacation dispute free. For example, if you want to cancel the contract that you have made with the agency, any kind of obligation that is not favored with the agency you hired like that. Also, know about what did you get from the hired traveling agency and all related information should be clear to you. So, read all the instructions carefully before signing up for the contract and booking the agency finally.


Here the above information will help you to choose the right traveling agency that suits your needs properly. So, make sure of your decision before selection.

Mount Abu – One of the Famous Hill stations in Rajasthan

Mount Abu is one of the best Hill stations in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the highest peak in the Aravalli mountain range and it was located in Sirohi district. This Hill Station is famous for its scenic beauty and a pilgrimage center to Jain community. This Hill Station is ideal for a summer retreat.

Mount Abu is famous for its moderate climate which tourists choose for North India Trip. There are many tourist spots in and around Mount Abu to visit. Many adventurous activities can be allowed here for enthusiastic visitors.

Famous Tourist Attractions In Mount Abu

Some of the famous attractions in Mount Abu are Museum and Art Gallery, Dilwara Jain Temples, Gardens and Parks, Rishikesh Temple, and Nakki Lake etc. Museum and Art Gallery of Mount Abu is famous for arts, crafts, and sculptures of the time of 8th to 12th century. This museum is one of the best museums in Mount Abu.

Dilwara Jain Temples is a complex of a number of temples. These temples are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva with a descriptive stone carving. Some of the famous temples in this complex are Vimal Vasahi, Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple, Parshavnath Ji Temple etc. Gardens and parks in Mount Abu attract children and families to spend in a peaceful environment. Some of the famous parks are Ashok Vatika, Gandhi Park, Municipal Park etc.

Rishikesh Temple is another attraction in Mount Abu. This temple was built by King Amrish who is the founder of Amravati civilization. This temple was built 7,000 years back and watchable things here are statues of Nandi, Saint Vashishtha, Lord Rama, and Krishna. Nakki Lake is a beautiful man-made water reservoir and this lake is a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy boat riding on this lake.

Adventurous Activities In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the best place for some adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing, camping etc. Best place for trekking in Mount Abu is the Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Best time to trek in Mount Abu is in between October and March. All types of treks are available like Easy to medium, hard treks etc. The estimated cost for trekking in this place is in between 500 to 1200.

Another adventurous activity available here is Rock climbing. In Mount Abu, Rock climbing is famous it will be full of fun. Rock climbing is most helpful to first-time trekkers. Best time to visit is in monsoon season and types of Rock climbing are easy and moderate level.

Famous Resorts And Hotels In Mount Abu

Some of the famous Resorts and Hotels in Mount Abu are Palanpur Palace, Atlus Resort, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Connaught House etc. These are the famous resorts and hotels in Mount Abu to stay.

Palanpur Palace is located just 1.5km away from main bus stand and 28km away from the railway station in Mount Abu. Cama Rajputana Club Resort is located on Adhar Devi Road in Mount Abu. All these resorts are near to tourist places in Mount Abu and you feel relaxed by staying in these resorts.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Mount Abu is all over the year. Summer season is the best time to visit because the environment is so pleasant and cool. But in monsoon temperature will be very low. Except for this season, you can visit any time. Overall best time is February and June.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to reach is Udaipur airport. Regular buses to Mount Abu are available because it was connected to all major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur etc.

Experience Ratnagiri through Deccan Odyssey

Ratnagiri is the ultimate paradise for tourists in love with sea and solitude. This quaint city is known for its pitch black sand beaches and super delicious Alphonso mangoes.

Deccan Odyssey takes you to this remarkable land of ancient temples and long beaches on its 6th day trip under Maharaja Splendour itinerary.

What to see at Ratnagiri?

After the wild fun and excitement at Goa, Ratnagiri is the apt place to rejuvenate. Here tourists can

  • Breathe in the fresh air mixed with the coolness of the Sahyadri hills and moisture of the Arabian Sea.
  • Relish authentic Konkani cuisines along with high quality drinks. The prime feature of the local food prepared here is it is made on an open oven (chulla) and consists of steaming hot rice, spicy fish curry and dessert named phanaspoli, which is made from crushed and dried mangoes and jack fruits.
  • Wash away all stress with the warm water flowing down from the hot water springs, namely, the Aaravali and Tural Hot Springs.
  • Walk along the long seashores, hand in hand with your loved ones; Pandre Samudra, Velneshwar, Bhatye Beach to name a few.
  • Spend some soulful moments at the thousands of years old shrines, like the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple.
  • Witness the might of the Maratha rulers at the historic castles, like the Jaigad Fort.
  • Enjoy some fun moments watching baby turtles take their first step towards sea.
  • Bask in the enthralling warmth and beauty of nature from the sunset point of Thibaw.
  • Boost your adrenaline rowing banana boats, motor boats and water scooters.
  • But fine quality cashew nuts, mangoes, aam panna, kokumsharbat, sandman and amboli.

Why Deccan Odyssey?

Embark on an immemorial journey to Ratnagiri with Deccan Odyssey, one of the luxury trains from the Indian Railways. With its divine blue exteriors and 21 air-conditioned luxury suites, Deccan Odyssey is a perfect vehicle for you this summer.

The other facilities of the train include

  • Spacious cabins outfitted with vintage Maharashtrian furniture.
  • Attached private baths equipped with an exquisite range of toiletries.
  • Personal safes and utmost security for all belongings.
  • Round the clock attendant to look into all needs at any time of the day or night.
  • Free internet connectivity.
  • On-board multi cuisines restaurants to relish both authentic Maharashtrian and global cuisines.
  • A well stocked bar cum lounge to spend some high time with friends.
  • A high tech meeting room for voice and video conferencing.
  • A SPA and massage cabin offering both Ayurveda and international treatments under the warm lights of aromatic candles, relaxing ambience and using natural oils.

Deccan Odyssey offers 6 tour packages which include Maharashtra Splendour, Indian Odyssey, Jewels of the Deccan, Maharashtra Wild Trail, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat and the Indian Sojourn.

So, do not confine yourself to home this summer, pack your bags and get set for a mesmerizing journey to the virgin beaches of Ratnagiri with Deccan Odyssey.

Explore Jag Mandir Palace in Udaipur with Palace on Wheels

Jag Mandir Palace is a sceinic tourist sightseeing location in Udaipur and a perfect destination for a pleasant romantic time. If you are searching for a time alone or a great time with friends away from the busy city life visit this beautiful palace in Udaipur. It may be for some quiet time for yourself, or with a couple of friends, honeymooners in love, or even a group of friends or family. It is a different experience from the regular beach parties, hillside & mountain ranges, and adventure water sports.

Lake Pichola is a tranquil lake with changing colors and small islands. Jag Mandir Palace is built on one of these islands with brilliant architecture and history. The main construction is complete with marble and has intricate lattice. It is a great view to watch from surrounding palaces and historical structures in Udaipur. Check out the details before deciding your sightseeing itinerary or selecting a holiday destination for your tour package.

Overview of Jag Mandir Palace

This beautiful palace of marble inspired Shah Jahan to build the romantic structure – Taj Mahal. The construction of this is great architectural marble structure started in the seventeenth century. The stone structures of 2 elephants at the entrance invites you inside. There are excellent portions of the Jag Mandir you must explore. The Gul Mahal inside is exactly where Shah Jahan stayed while hiding. It is an amazing place with blue stone carvings inside. The other side is made into a luxurious hotel that emits colorful lights that reflect onto Lake Pichola. It looks romantic in the evening with all the colors and lights shining and coloring the Lake Pichola. Your trip to Udaipur is incomplete without a visit to the Jag Mandir on Lake Pichola in Udaipur.

Explore Jag Mandir through Palace on Wheels

Travel in the comfort and luxury of Kings of the bygone era in the golden desert sands of Rajasthan. Explore Jag Mandir, Mehrangarh Fort, several other palaces, monuments and lakes here. Enjoy basic facilities in sheer luxury on this week long tour starting at Delhi. Travel en-route Jaipur, Ranthambore, Chittorgarh, Udaipur – to see Jag Mandir, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Agra and head back to Delhi. There are interesting activities for guests on the itinerary like camel ride, jeep safari, lunch or dinner in premium hotels, off – board guided excursions, and many more.

Palace on Wheels Facilities

The guest carriages comprise of fully air conditioned  super deluxe cabins (2) & 39 deluxe cabins with single, double and suite occupancies. Guests can enjoy facilities in Palace on Wheels  like safety locker, en-suite washrooms, a dedicated attendant for each carriage, Wi-Fi internet, LCD display with satellite channels, twin or queensize beds, and a large panoramic view. Common facilities include gym & spa, mini bar & lounge with magazines, newspapers and DVD players too. The two lavish dining cars namely Maharajah and Maharani have two & four seating arrangement beside the window. Guests can taste continental, European and traditional (Rajasthani) cuisine here.

Book your tickets in Palace on Wheels to explore Jag Mandir in luxury & comfort to enjoy a great holiday week.

Cyprus and its beauty

The beauty and blessing of miles of Sandy coast and endless blue sky-days cannot be ignored, making Cyprus every tourism promoter’s goal and dream, likewise is its spade package and lazy bucket holidays that is known to hundreds of Europeans every summer. Trust me, there’s a lot more to Cyprus than just its sand; have you checked out the eschew resorts to explore the heartland and Rove rural cobblestone villages? Or the fact that your parcels can actually be delivered through the Parcel ABC company if you will not be around to drop them yourself? There’s a lot more to Cyprus, and reading on will give you a better insight.

The World Heritage Status known to a whole town

There’s a vast amount of history known with this small island; the fortresses and  ancient tombs around the shops in Paphos, ancient palaces and archaeological sites have made the whole town a World Heritage Site. Paphos is known to be a high ranked international treasure, while the most colorful event in Cyprus remains the Limassol Carnival.


Carnivals in Cyprus come in a Dionysian blend

It wouldn’t be wrong to make the conclusion that Carnivals in Cyprus are a unique blend of later traditions and ancient Greek traditions. This goes as far back as the 16th century where there were fancy dresses and masked balls.

The ancient tombs in Cyprus are rock solid

One of the important reasons why Cyprus has retained a top spot on the World Heritage listing is the tourist attraction known with the Tombs of the Kings.

You do want to miss the Easter holiday

With over 80 percent of residents showing appreciation in form of worship to the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox faith, Easter has remained the island’s main holiday. During this time, no businesses are allowed to open for work. There is a lot of fun, elaborate vestments, singing, offerings, and incense during this period.

Be present for the Church Tours

Quite a number of the popular Byzantine buildings in Cyprus are still considered sacred, and so for this reason, a key-keeper is always present to safeguard the entire edifice. To show respect, tourists are made to put on full sleeves, long dresses for women and pants for men, and they are instructed to not rest behind the church icons. You might also want to go with a token as a form of donation if you’re touring a sacred building or church.

How Can A Limo Service Make The Best Impression?

A limo is the best vehicle you can choose for transportation from one place to another when you are traveling with your companion. The companion can be your friend, client, girlfriend or anyone whose impression matters to you personally or professionally. A limo is a luxurious vehicle designed to provide the passenger the ultimate comfort and the feel of being in a five-star hotel room. If you are landing at the airport of New Jersey as a tourist to visit the state and attend music concerts or for business and corporate purposes, you can book limos from ABC Taxi Limo which is the best transportation service providing company in New Jersey. You can book a limo from Newark airport to Princeton NJ or any other part at affordable rates.

A Limo Provides The Following To Make The Best Impress –

Pleasant Surprise – When most people opt for a local taxi or an Uber, you can surprise your companions with a limo. Everyone knows that a limo is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Therefore, it will be an instant positive surprise and the first impress will be extremely positive. This positivity will increase exponentially when your companions will enter the car.

limo from Newark airport to Princeton NJ

Interior – The interior of a limo is the real deal. It is exponentially different from a local taxi or an Uber car. There are sofa-like seats. The seats are foldable which means they can be stretched to spread your legs and even lie down. The interior decoration is like a five-star hotel room. There are audio and video systems. Some limos have bars and food refrigerator. Furthermore, you can have Ac and heater as per the season. It is a luxurious suite to say the least. Your companion like your girlfriend or your clients cannot make but be super impressed with your arrangement. The suspensions of the car are tailor-made not to let you feel any jerks.

Privacy – If you are coming with your wife or girlfriend or your clients, you need privacy for all the right purposes. A limo has a separate compartment for the passengers which means the driver’s cabin is completely isolated with a partition. You can communicate to the driver through the window that can be opened from your side only. If you are coming with your wife or girlfriend to visit New Jersey, a limo from Newark airport to Princeton NJ is the perfect option and similar is the case when you are escorting your clients to your office.

All you need to know about Bandhavgarh National Park

A national park is used to conserve the vast flora and fauna of a country. It can be natural, semi -natural or even man-made. A national park is also regarded as national pride.  India is home for a wide variety of flora and the animals located amidst it. There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that cater to the needs of many endangered animals and other species. There are over 103 national parks in India. India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger in 1972 to protect the habitats of conservation dependent species.

One such well known area is the Bandhavgarh National Park in central India. It is known for its conservation efforts in saving tigers and other animals and allows them to grow and nourish in their natural habitat. It is a reserve under project tiger as well. It has a rich history. It is a widespread landscape that offers a very unique experience.

About Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh national Park is situated in Umaira district, Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh National Park belongs to the Vindhya mountain ranges of central India and itstretches over a distance of about 452 square kilometers including the buffer zone.It was once the private gaming reserve of royalty among the Baghela community from Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh. It was established as a national park in the year 1968. The park is rich in its biodiversity and abundant wildlife. It was included in Project tiger in the year 1993. It is situated at a very historical place. The national park receives its name from a well-known hillock in the area. The name translates to brother’s fort and traces its origin back to Ramayana. It is said that Lord Rama gifted the fort to his brother Laxmana after he came back from Lanka, victorious. The park also consist of historical monuments, natural waterholes ancient caves remnants that show signs a historical past going up to 2000 years.

What is the main feature of Bandhavgarh National Park?

Bandhavgarh National Park is home for majestic beasts, the Bengal tigers. It has a very high density among other national parks that protect tigers. It is known for many large sized famous tigers including Charger and Sita, whose stories are narrated among many tourists. Charger and Sita both died due to various incidents. It is a very popular spot for sighting tigers and many people book Bandhavgarh national park tour package for that very reason. It is also said to have nurtured white tigers although there has been none spotted in the past 50 years. It is believed that India’s first white tiger was found in the jungles of Bandhavgarh many years ago, and that’s why it is also called as the white tiger country. With approximately sheltering 55 tigers, this park is known for having a very high density of Bengal tigers.

Other Animals and Birds that you can spot in the park

Not only does one get to spot a tiger amidst the forests, but Bandhavgarh national park is home for many other exotic animals as well. It is said to consist of around 22 other mammals and more than 200 species of birds. Common Langurs, Asiatic Jackal, Striped Hyena, Rhesus Macaque, Bengal Fox, Gray Mongoose, Leopards, Sloth Bear, and Jungle Cats, and are some of the other animals present in the park other than the Bengal Tigers. Other animals which can be spotted are Pigs, Nilgai, Sambar, Spotted Deer,Chausingha, etc. among many others. Mammals such as the small Indian Civet, Lesser Bandicoot Rat, Palm Squirrel, andDhole are also spotted rarely.More than 200 bird species are found in Bandhavgarh national park. Some of the birds that can be spotted areDucks, Heron, Storks, Cormorants, Hawks, Grebes, Ibises, Vultures, Eagles, etc.

Tourist attraction

Jungle safaris are the main tourist attractions in this park. Many spots can be visited through the safari and one can also spot tigers and their movements. It is open throughout the year and is a splendid sight for wildlife photographers. One can capture the movements of Tigers and other animals, the rich greenery the park offers along with the scenic beauty. There are resorts available in the park and around it to ensure a comfortable stay according to budget and requirement. Tourists are exposed to all categories of resorts and safari lodges.

The safaris are very popular and allow the tourists to experience upfront what the park has to offer. The park is open from October to June and it is closed for monsoon. The best time to visit would be summer season where tiger spotting is done easily as they venture out of their shelter in such of food and water more often. The place has a moderate climate. Tourists can also sight see the park on elephant backs. Elephant rides are offered in certain areas of the park. The safari is closed for the evening when the tourists can walk around different areas surrounding the national park and learn a bit more about the culture and tradition followed.

Places to see around Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh national park is surrounded by other well-known places that catch the attractive eye of the tourists. One can visit places such as Amarkantak, Khajuraho, Jabalpur, Varanasi, Panna National park, etc. All these places offer packages which have safaris, hotel booking and itinerary details that include sightseeing and other services.

How to reach to the park?

One can arrive at Bandhavgarh National Park through Katni railway station,UmariaRailway station, and Jabalpur railway station if you want to travel by train. One can also reach the park by commuting in bus or any other private vehicle. There are frequent buses availablefromUmariato reach Bandhavgarh National Park.

The park is very good option to travel and explore the wild and connect with nature. The awestruck moments are many that can be experienced while spotting a tiger, looking around at the rich biodiversity the place has to offer, learning about the history, and culture, etc. It is an opportunity that should not be missed and is perfect choice for a family holiday.

Gettysburg museum and its historic importance!

We people live in the world of modern technology today that provides more comfort in leading a happy life. However, the story has not always been the same! Ever since the existence of the mankind on this planet, there have been many incidents of greater historic importance such as the rise and fall of various civilizations and the cultural practices that have shaped our lives to the present day. So it becomes important for people to get familiar with all such details in order to realize their key part in the society. And one of the best places to witness all such information would be the Museums. And they are the ideal places where one could witness numerous artifacts and other objects that are of greater historical, cultural and artistic importance etc. There are plenty of museums available today that provides all such information and helps people to remember the greatest historic incidents of the past. Speaking of which Gettysburg museum is one of the significant places to get educated with the important battles in the history of America.  And some of the major gettysburg attractions are briefly discussed below.

Sell, donate or loan!

Among various museums in the US, the Gettysburg museum is one of the most important as it contains a great collection of numerous artifacts and the other objects from the periods of the World Wars I and II, and the civil war and the presidencies and the Pop culture. Some of the gettysburg attractions would include a total number of its artifacts which exceeds the count of more than 4000 and serves as a great place for people of all ages to witness the actual proof of the American history.

They are also into selling these artifacts and the relics for reasonable prices, so anyone could make the appropriate payments and own the desired relics with an ease. And they also provide people with facilities to donate or sell or loan any of the ancient relics of their own which could be more easily shared among public via their exhibits. With the availability of the internet the complete information of the museum and its artifacts is made available online which makes it easy for people to get a better idea of visiting them.


The process of ordering visa in online is so easy now!

When people would like to travel for any country worldwide then the first and foremost thing which one should possess is the visa. A visa is nothing but a legal document which is a must in case if you would like to visit any country. Since the earliest times, if you would like to order for a visa, then all you have to do is to visit that country’s embassy and to seek permission from them to visit their country. This procedure is actually a time consuming process and sometimes result in a stress and lack of peace in mind. This is because it is a common thing that often the visa get rejected by the officers or sometimes get delayed depending on the individual’s purpose to visit the country. But in recent times, this is not the case anymore because people can apply for visa in online itself. The procedure is so simple and thus it is not necessary to be a tech savvy to apply in online. Even if you have no time to spend on this simple procedure, then you can just be cool at that time too. This is because you can contact the travel agencies in your locality that could help you in getting the job in a perfect way. They are well versed about the Vietnam visa policy and thus making your process into a simple one.

Enjoy the services offered

The travel agencies are very much helpful in offering a lot of services to all the citizens worldwide. The various that are offered by these kinds of travel agencies include the following:

  • One can get the fast track services in which the visa can be approved in just a few minutes.
  • The VIP tracking service is the most useful thing in which they track the luggage and take care of it from the starting to the end of the journey period. Through which one could have peace in mind and focus on their purpose of visit alone.

In addition to these, the travel agencies also offer various features like;

  • The process of getting visa usually takes maximum 48 hours to get approved and there are fewer chances that your visa may get declined by the officers.
  • The service fee of these travel agencies is very much affordable and the process is also completely transparent. Thus, one may not have to worry about their hard earned money.
  • The customer care representatives of such travel agencies are so good at providing full support to their customers throughout the travel. They can even ask their questions to them in order to get clear information about the entire process.
  • The overall process for ordering a visa in online is completely convenient and do not make you to face any kinds of hassles throughout the journey.
  • There are only less chances that your visa may get declined by the officers and even if in some rare cases, if the visa is declined by the officer then one can get their amount back. Thus, it is guaranteed that your hard earned money will never get wasted.

Therefore, Apply for Vietnam visa online without much hassle and enjoy the journey peacefully.





London Travel Guide

London is the jewel city of United Kingdom. From modern shopping malls to historical sites dating back to the roman times, the city has loads of wonder in store for all its visitors. Being a business, fashion and tourist hub, London welcomes millions of visitors each year. You may have visited London in Jane Austen’s novels or witnessed its streets while watching Sherlock Holmes, but actually being there is a whole different experience. With this travel guide, you can manage to enjoy the capital English city to its fullest.

When to Visit

Spring no doubt is always the best season to visit any city of the world as the flowers blossom and the temperatures remain mild. So yes, ideally visit London in April or May. However, one thing to keep in mind about London is that it can rain anytime. It is always better to carry the weight of an umbrella rather than taking the risk of getting wet while exploring the city. Summers are equally fun and the tourist numbers double as the summer break starts so expect larger crowds and pricier airfare. British airways is most definitely the most obvious and viable choice for flying to London.

Top Hotels Choices

Where to stay is one big question mark before you head out to visit any city of the world. It is not really something you have to worry about when it comes to London. The city is home to a wide range of hotels and even hostels, facilitating travelers according to their budget. Some of the top choices include The Langham, Rosewood London, K+K Hotel George, South Place Hotel, The Montague on the gardens, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London, Strand Palace Hotel and London Marriot Hotel County Hall.

Top Restaurants

Londoners like their food so naturally the city is home to some great restaurants. Some stand out more than others. If you are visiting the city for a short period of time, the following places are the ones you should definitely try.

  • Duck & Waffle
  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
  • The Ivy
  • Rules
  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen
  • The Ledbury

Top Destination Choices

There are plenty of places to see and enjoy in London. The best ones are as follows:

  • London Eye

This is probably one of the most iconic and popular places in London. You can enjoy some great views of the city from the top of the wheel.

  • Tower of London

This medieval castle has a rich history and it is now a great source of fascination and wonder for all.

  • Big Ben

This iconic clock tower has been featured in numerous movies, shows and books. Seeing it in real life is quite interesting.

  • Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal Family and some parts of it remain open to the tourists. The majestic architecture and art gallery is the main reason for the palace’s popularity.

  • British Museum

The British Museum showcases quite a lot of fascinating objects and artifacts including Egyptian Mummies and Greek Sculptures.