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Relish the Authentic Taste of Chinese Cuisine at Mainland China

For most people, tasty food is synonymous to Chinese food. Be it children or elders, Chinese cuisine is one of the most sought-after and popular cuisines in our country. You might have enjoyed the Chinese preparations in the local towns in your city, but if you are a true lover of Chinese food, then you must definitely dine at Mainland China and relish the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

Mainland China is a flagship name that has various branches in all prominent cities of the country. The reason for its success is that it has earned a reputation and become an elite brand in the restaurant business. Out of all the branches, the restaurant in Sector 29 of Gurgaon is the most popular.

The Vibrant Ambience

The environment of the restaurant is quite vibrant and this adds to their overall glamour when coupled with mouth-watering dishes. The staffs of the restaurant say that they aim to offer a dining experience to a customer by enhancing the style and presentation of food as well as décor.

The décor of Mainland China in Gurgaon comprises of an interior that portrays that this restaurant is multi-cuisine. But at the same time, it also adds a significance of the Chinese culture. A large portrait of GautamBudhha can be seen on the walls. The furniture like the tables and chairs are coloured in black. The look of the chairs is enhanced by adding a white-coloured cushion.

If the guests wish to get a little more privacy from the crowd to spend quality time, then they can request a wooden partition for themselves. Several beautiful lamps and lights can be seen hanging from the ceiling. They illuminate the tables and make the served meals look even more appetising and appealing. The lights have a warm tone and thus they also help in uplifting the moods of the people. In order to emphasize on the Chinese tradition and culture, the entrance of the restaurant has been decorated with a few mannequins and dragon statues quite large in size. It is a popular selfie corner amongst the guests.

Chinese Cuisine

The décor has been created in a kid-friendly manner. This is one of the many reasons that make Mainland China the preferred choice for dining out. Families with kids are welcome here and as it is kid-friendly; parents will not have a hard time monitoring their kid and savouring their favourite meal.

Authentic Chinese Food

This restaurant serves authentic Chinese delicacies that are unbeatable in taste. The menu looks like an extensive catalogue and offers a plethora of choices of scrumptious items to choose from. The dishes are prepared by notable chefs who prepare the sauces, spices and herbs on their own. You can be sure that you will not find the same sauce and spice in any other Chinese restaurant. The most popular sauce that they serve here is the authentic Sichuan sauce. It is extremely hot and spicy and has a bitter after-taste. Some of the dishes that you must try here are Sichuan chicken with smoked chillies and peanuts, pan grilled crab cakes, dim sums and spicy Sichuan crumbles with sliced fish.

Extensive Range of Beverages

The restaurant also serves alcohol. You can choose any cocktail, mocktail, beer or wine along with your culinary delight and make your meal wholesome and complete. One of the other main attractions of this restaurant is its lavish spread of delicious buffet, which you certainly should not miss if you are a foodie.

Mainland China is a must-try restaurant if you are fond of Chinese food.

Address: Mainland China, SCO – 26, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 12200


The Beauty of Triple Hummer Limos: What You Need to Know and How to Hire One

Limousines are incredible vehicles. They do not only look beautiful on the outside but they also look amazing on the inside. A lot of people are dreaming of owning one but still these vehicles are too expensive. Nevertheless, many have started building a limo rental business which makes up as an answer to the dream.

When it comes to these vehicles, the newly idolized one is the triple hummer limo and it is perfect for weddings and parties. There are already a lot of celebrities who rent this since it provide the experience of luxury. To know more info on Triple Hummer Limos and how to hire one, better set your eyes straightly on this page.

What You May Get

With the biggest stretched black hummer limo in Australia, you will keep your eyes here. What this beautiful wheeled creature acquires are:

o   Electric steps

o   Laser lighting

o   Raised ceiling

o   Disco bar tops

o   Smoke machines

o   4000W stereo system

o   Lamborgine front doors

o   Jet style gullwing doors

o   2 main bar areas at the rear and front

o   LCD screen at the front and rear

o   4 supplementary bar areas found between seats

Triple Hummer Limos

Why Hiring is Essential

With special events, limos are gorgeous. But what makes these vehicles more pleasing is the luxury you may get through having the triple hummer limo. You need to hire one for a fantastic night out. You do not only feel like a star but you feel more pampered than them. Of course, here are things you need to know why you need to hire this beauty.

o   It is extremely stylish. 

When talking about transporting people, limousines are one of the best ways to do it. It does not only offer comfort to the passengers but extreme style as well. 

o   It keeps everyone together. 

When attending events, you always go with your friends. And with that, your four-seater car is not enough for the six of you. With this, hiring a limousine is an essential answer. What’s more, when you get to hire a triple hummer limo, having more than six in the ride is possible as this is a huge vehicle. 

o   It is safe and secure. 

When a friend is driving your car to go to a special event, sometimes he gets distracted. Talking sometimes makes the interruption. But with limousines, risk is eliminated when your friend is not diverted while driving. Everyone gets the freedom to chat with all their might while enjoying a bottle of tasty wine. Of course, you can drink wine while inside the limousine. 

o   It is for everyone and not only for celebrities. 

More and more celebrities each day are using limos. They hire one when attending special events. It is not only the indulgence that these gorgeous limos bring but also their finest style and comfort. But this type of limousine is not only for celebrities as everyone who hires it can use it freely. Companies offering it already provide a price which people can afford.

The Bottom Line

Riding in a triple hummer limo is like a dream come true. It makes you feel like a star. But hey, limo rental companies are now giving people the chance to hire this special limousine without spending excessively. What’s more, you will get to enjoy the ride without bothered with everyone’s safety as no one is distracted here. Of course, when you hire this exceptional vehicle, a chauffeur is also provided.

The Benefits of Whale Watching

Whale watching is a popular pastime which has brought enjoyment to thousands if not millions of people over the years. More recently, we have had the opportunity to be able to embark upon organised tours with the sole purpose of getting as close to these creatures as possible whilst still ensuring they remain protected.

There are several benefits to this activity which we are going to outline below. If you’ve ever been interested in whale watching, keep reading to learn more.

Experience Whales in Their Natural Habitat

Whale watching in Sydney can be booked through one of several companies

The best place to view any animal is in their natural environment, which of course isn’t always possible. Luckily with whales, it is. Whales live for many years making it possible to view them around the world as they travel throughout different bodies of water.

Marine Life Awareness and Conservation

The environment of this planet is of course important. Whale watching is not only an opportunity to view whales up close but also to learn about them and their importance as well as the importance of their natural environment.

Taking an interest in whales helps to promote an interest in this planet’s seas and oceans, benefiting everything that lives within them. Every trip out onto the water educates those on the vessel, increasing the awareness of marine life as well as keeping an eye on the whales, making sure they don’t come to harm.

Promote Tourism

Not just here in Sydney, Australia – whales can be seen all over the world in places such as Canada and Sweden. Travelling to see wales promotes quality tourism which in turn benefits the economies where whale watching is popular.

This tourism can often be the lifeblood of smaller towns and cities which rely on the promotion of sustainable tourism for their prosperity.

Raise Awareness of Whaling

Whaling, which refers to the hunting of whales is a common practice in some parts of the world. This is always for economic reasons as whales are often seen as a source of food. It has been shown that whale watching is more economically advantageous than hunting whales for their meat, for all concerned.

Raising awareness will hopefully allow us to capitalise on tourism and reduce the impact that whaling has to the world’s population of whales.

Reduction of Pollution

The amount of plastic and foreign material currently in the oceans and seas is a cause for concern. Even creatures as large as whales can become tangled up in nets and other pieces of debris that have been discarded. If that wasn’t enough, large pieces of plastic can find their way into the stomach of a whale, preventing them from being able to eat and eventually causing death.

Whale watching in Sydney can be booked through one of several companies

Sustainable Whale Watching

If you’re located in Sydney, you’re in the perfect place to be able to embark upon a whale watching tour. Whale watching in Sydney can be booked through one of several companies providing tours throughout most of the year. Simply make your booking and be prepared to come away with a new found appreciation of the natural environment.

Be sure to spread the word and let your family and friends in on this opportunity.

Travelling to Kolkata? Make Sure You Enjoy the Most Authentic Bengali Flavours from these Places

Kolkata has always been a food lover’s paradise. Immersed in the city’s heart and history are the delicious cuisines. Take a dig into some of its most iconic restaurants and streets that exude the aroma of some of the best dishes of India. This is where you get all the local food in Kolkata. Next time you travel to this part of the country, make sure you visit these eatery joints and savour the delicacies of the East. 

It’s called the food lover’s paradise. And for all the right reasons. This is Kolkata we are talking about, and the city makes no mistakes when it’s about serving up a scrumptious meal. For those who thought that Kolkata’s palates stop at fish, brace yourself for Kolkata’s most interesting local flavours and the places to find it.

Kathi Roll at Zeeshan, Sarat Bose Road

If you’ve ever been to Kolkata, you know that Kathi Rolls are what golgappas are to Delhi or vada pav is to Mumbai. Even if you have to take a Mumbai to Kolkata flight or Delhi to Kolkata train, a well-made Kathi roll can make your trip worth it. So, here’s a little tip, on your visit to Kolkata; keep some space for these rolls at Zeeshan. The doughy texture of the parantha with a fluffy egg does justice to the health conscious league as they are careful with the oil. And the flavours are all from Bengal.

Nahoum & Sons Jewish Bakery, New Market 

Why we say Jewish, yet local? Because Nahoum & Sons gives you a flavour of what the small Jewish community has been making for years. This one brings you pastries, rum balls, brownies and more with a Jewish twist.

Kewpie’s, Elgin Lane 

Nothing fancy about Kewpies. But everything is authentic about it. You will find everything you want in a Bengali meal, at Kewpies. The meals are served in terracotta utensils. You get everything from Daab Chingri to Malai Churry Chingri here. Stop for a thali; you won’t regret.

Bohemian, Old Ballygunge 1st Lane

Experience local flavours in fine dining style. Welcome to a place that has everything you want from the local Kolkata food. From the panch phoran chicken to vodka-soaked prawns, there’s nothing you won’t find. Gear up for some Gondhoraj Lime Bhekti (cod in King Lime sauce). And if that wasn’t enough, the chefs will stir up a perfect Aam Aada Bhekti (cod in mango and ginger sauce), something you find in Delhi or Mumbai easily.

Ballygunge Place

Walk into this 100-year-old bungalow with everything Bengali on its menu. Kasha Mangsho, Daab Chingri and all traditional spicy Bengali curries are waiting for you here. They usually are a busy place, so make sure you are okay waiting for your food when you visit here.

Kolkata Airport

So you checked your Indigo or Go Air or Air India Flight Status and just found out that your flight is delayed by an hour or more? Well, worry not, as a few stalls here will give you the most authentic flavours one last time before you leave this beautiful city. Grab a meal at Top Deck Restaurant or get some authentic Bengali sweets from Sweets Stall and satiate your sweet tooth.

Take a walk into some of the old streets of Kolkata and enjoy some excellent dining and street food experience. From nostalgic Kolkata street food to the historic Jewish secrets, do not miss the food experience when you are in Kolkata next.

How to select the perfect hotel for your stay in Mumbai

Do you have to visit Mumbai any time soon? Well Mumbai is a busy city with many people coming and going. While some come for business purposes, others come to visit and many people come to relocate to Mumbai. So what kind of hotel should you look for and how should you select the right one for you will be largely determined by why you are going to Mumbai.

Let us take a look at three major reasons for which people generally tend to travel to Mumbai and how their hotel selection will vary accordingly.

Visiting for tourism purposes

Well if you are visiting Mumbai for tourism and want to cover the most important places that this city has to offer, then you should look for hotels that are near the Colaba area or near the Marine Drive. These are the prime locations in Mumbai where all the places of interest mainly are. Bandra is also a nice place to look for hotels but if it is old Mumbai that you want to experience then stay somewhere near Colaba. There are some really famous five star hotels in this region where you can book your stay. As per the range and quality of the hotel, fix that based on the budget of your trip so that you can stay at pocket friendly prices and explore the city as much as you can.

Visiting for business purposes

Well if you are going to Mumbai for some business work, then the first thing that you have to keep an eye on is where your area of business is and what hotels are near there. For example, if you have some work in Dadar, then look for hotels in dadar. This will not only help in saving time but also make communication much easier, especially if you have to travel to and fro. If you have to stay in the city for more than a month, then it is best that you look for paying guest accommodations than hotels. For a month long stay hotels will suffice. Look for places that come well within your budget since you are going there to earn money or get projects and saving up as much as possible.

Visiting for relocation purposes

Have you recently landed a job in Mumbai and you want to shift there? Are you having problems finding a place to stay? Well then for the first few months you can always put up at a hotel and search for a place that will be safe for you to stay. If your office will not be providing you with quarters you can always book a room within your budget for brief period of stay. You can consider homestays as well. But do make sure that the hotel where you will be staying is near your place of work so that you can save time in moving from your hotel to office and back.

Keep these factors in mind when it comes to selecting the perfect hotel for your stay in Mumbai.