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Tourist visa: A gateway to hunt the land of maple trees

Tourist visa for Canada is an interim immigration privilege that facilitates visitors to travel this maple leaf country for exploration and recreation.  Other terminologies for Canada tourist visa are Canadian visitor visa or Canadian temporary resident visa.  The maximum time period of this visa is of six months, that is enough for a person to explore a country in one go.  There are two types of visitor visas granted by Canada high commission, they are:

  • Single entry visa: A single entry visa permits the visa holder to visit Canada only one time.  Once a person exits the country, except few exceptions, requires applying a new visa to enter again.
  • Multiple entry visas:  A multiple entry visa permits a traveler to enter and exit from the country for six months without applying for a new visa.  This visa remains valid up to 10 years, or a month before the expiry of visitor’s passport, whatever occurs first.

To obtain Canada visitor visa from India is a facile process.  The only thing you have to do is to fulfill the eligibility criteria.  While applying for the tourist visa, you have to establish certain facts about yourself in front of immigration officers with valid documents. They are as under:

  • A valid passport
  • Your source of income to see financial condition during your residence in Canada.
  • Your permanent address proof outside Canada to ensure your return.
  • Your physical and mental health condition.
  • The time period of your stay.
  • No criminal records
  • Your acknowledgment to adhere to country’s law.
  • Ready for medical examination.

How to apply for the tourist visa:  Go through the immigration site of Canada and ensure your eligibility for visitor’s visa.  Upon being confirmed your eligibility, you can apply visitor visa for Canada from India by two methods.  They are:

  • Online Application:  For online application, there must be camera access, credit card, and a scanner, so that you can submit your photo and supporting documents.
  • Fill the form on paper:  Download application form from the website and follow the instructions.

Complete your application form, and annex all the documents required as proof.  Make sure the availability of barcode at the end of the page.  Along with form, you have to pay visa processing fees via cheque or demand draft.

Visit local Canada visa application center along with the required documents like passport, photographs, completed forms, and all supportive documents like checklist and payment guidelines.  Submit all the documents along with filled form at visa center and deposit the fees. You will get receipt with tracking number to follow your application status.  The fees paid are non-refundable.  If in case your visa application gets rejected your payment will not be refund back.

If you want to stay for longer period to relish the natural beauty of the beautiful country, you have an option to extend your visa by mere application for extension one month before expiry.

Canada is one of the most enticing tourist favorable country to visit at least once, not only because of its natural beauty but also for easy immigration rules and awesome hospitality by the Canadian citizens.

Take Your Travels to an Australian Sports Event

If you love sports, you do not want to bypass the opportunity to see a sporting event when you are travelling in Australia. In order to check out the games, go to a stadium site and review the event calendar. For example, you can visit a site to get a better of idea of the types of events that are scheduled. Sports such as rugby or football are the two main sports that are featured in Australian stadiums.

Checking Out the Seating

When buying tickets for an event, take a look at the seating and enquire about the best seats. If you have to pay more for the tickets, so be it. If you want to obtain the best view, it is worth the extra amount that you will ultimately pay.

Subscribe as a Fan

In order to find out more about events scheduled at the stadium of your choice, make sure that you subscribe on the stadium’s platform as a fan. In turn, you will be rewarded with regular stadium notifications, special promotions, and early bird ticket offerings. Make sure that you provide your contact information, including your e-mail address and mobile phone.

Also, it helps to tick off your favourite sport. Sign-up forms feature such Australian sports as the following:

  • Football
  • Rugby union
  • Rugby league
  • Cricket
  • AFL (Australian Football League)

Are You in the Mood for a Concert?

In addition, you may want to check out ANZ stadium seating for buying tickets to certain musical events, for instance. A stadium can send you information about musical events in the offing, covering such genres as classical, pop, heavy metal, urban/rap, and rock selections.

Register Your Interest Online

If you are travelling to Australia any time soon and want to attend a sporting event or concert, make sure to register as a fan at a stadium platform online. When you take this step, it will also make it easier to locate certain venues at the stadium once you arrive.

Stadium Food and Beverages

A stadium platform lists, for example, what is offered in the way of food and beverages and where the vendors are located. After all, watching sports can build up an appetite. Some of the foods that are available for sale include Mexican burritos, nachos, mini pizzas, sushi, sandwiches, snack foods, and confectionery. You can also choose from a variety of beverages including soft drinks, juices, wines, beers, and spirits.

Choosing Your Stadium Wear

Stadiums often offer merchandise that enables you to support your team by colouring up at one of the retailers located within and outside of a facility. You can also pre-purchase your fan apparel by visiting a stadium retailer online and ordering your team-associated clothing this way.

As you can see, you can enhance your travel experience in Australia by enjoying the country’s sporting culture. Nothing is more invigorating than finding a stadium and buying tickets for a rugby championship event or a football competition. Go online today to check out the planned sporting events.


The Qualities of a Good Hiking Watch

You’ll know that you have a good timepiece on your wrist when it has all the most essential and fundamental features for its price. The functionalities of wrist watches, especially those mainly used for hiking, differ from one model to another. While there are variants that have all the bare essentials down to a tee, some hikers might be looking for more than just the standard features.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the hiking watch, the more features it has. As such, it all boils down to how much you’re willing to invest in the acquisition of the product. Aside from the cost, consider how you want to use the timepiece and the functionalities included in the package so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a quality timepiece on your wrist. Read on to know the essential features of a good hiking watch to help you narrow down your search.


Unlike ordinary wrist watches, most hiking watches are bulky and large, especially when they’re worn on slim wrists. It’s because most hiking watches, especially the good ones, are built to last. They offer top levels of durability so you can take them along with you wherever you may go, whether it’s the mall or the peak of a mountain. Due to its excellent levels of durability, hiking watches can withstand more than just the usual bumps and scrapes. Some can even retain their proper functionality when doused in water, dirt, and mud.

Compass and GPS

It’s easy to get lost while you’re hiking on a mountain, even when you’re already following a map. Reliable hiking watches may have a compass functionality that’ll help you get back on track. Some modern hiking timepieces will even have electronic features such as GPS to help you keep track of where you are through digital means.


Another essential feature to look into when browsing around the market for excellent hiking watches is the altimeter. This functionality allows the user to check their relative altitude above sea level. In doing so, you’ll know how high you’ve been hiking for the past few hours or days. You can use the watch’s altimeter to find out your relative height from your starting position.

There are other features to watch out for when looking for good hiking watches on the market, such as a barometer, a thermometer, and even a heart rate monitor. To get you started on your search for the best hiking watch for your specific requirements, you can head on to http://www.donatwald.com/best-hiking-watches/.

Stay in a Castle Hotel during Your Irish Getaway

The best way to experience a romantic holiday in Ireland is to stay in a castle hotel. This type of romantic retreat will take you back in time. Whether you stay on a country estate or in a village, you will find this type of remote luxury exceptionally appealing.

For example, one castle stay enables you stay in a structure that is only 10 minutes from Dublin. This castle, which was transformed into a hotel, is as popular with local residents as it is with visitors. Plus, the castle has plenty of sights and attractions to see. For example, visitors can visit the nearby promenade or coast.

An Impressive and Elegant Structure

Featuring over 100 rooms, this building has undergone a makeover that makes it truly impressive. Whilst the more deluxe rooms are contemporary in design, the junior and king suites are more regal in appearance. You can step into the lounge in the hotel at night to savour a glass of wine or check out the gastro bar and carvery. People enjoy tea time as they can delight in buttermilk scones that are served with lemon curd.

Louis XV Furnishings

Another one of the hotel castles to stay in Ireland has been visited by celebrities. The 16th-century estate is an ancestral home of the descendants of an Irish king. Guests are mesmerised by the Waterford crystal chandeliers as well as the tasselled drapes that accent the Louis XV furnishings.

Indeed, you will feel as though you are part of the 16th century as you will find the marble bathrooms and floral fabrics kingly and inviting. The spacious rooms and suites make lounging in this beautiful structure feel as if you are in a dream. Stop by the eatery for a casual meal. However, make sure that you are properly attired as you will be dining on such exquisite cuisine as Irish meat and seafood offerings.

Enjoy Clay Shooting or Golf

Close to the castle, enjoy the day practicing clay shooting or playing a round of golf. You might also stop by the walled garden to take a stroll. This particular property can whisk you away to another time period whilst allowing you to enjoy modern amenities and activities.

You might also opt for a castle stay that allows you to take winding roads and explore the natural surroundings. This elegant retreat features a moat and is defined by sheer opulence. The castle is set on a large estate on the shoreline of Lough Corrib. This particular dwelling was the Guinness family home until 1939. It was also the set for the film The Quiet Man. Constructed in the 13thcentury, this is a retreat that is as memorable as it is regal.

Silk Wall Coverings

You can select from 82 large-sized rooms, all of which feature high ceilings, silk wall coverings, and artworks. Enjoy the glow and warmth of the structure’s original fireplaces. You will want to reserve a room with a garden or lake view. Enjoy a leisurely lunch or a five-course meal in this magnificent building and lair.


How Can You Find The Best Las Vegas Hotel Deals And Air Travel Packages?

Traveling and enjoying entertainment in Las Vegas is made easier thanks to technology and availability of online booking. Now, you have the chance to avail of accommodations, flights, and reservations using the Internet. As a discerning buyer, the next step is looking for strategies that can help you cut down expenses while still enjoying your travel. Here are some suggestions on how you can find the best hotel deals and air transportation packages for your trip.

Identify and Compare

One of the best strategies to get the best Las Vegas hotel deals and air travel is to determine and compare online booking companies that offer packages. It is important to first look for at least five resources that can provide a price on a particular date. Your goal is to limit these choices to the three that matches your preferences. For instance, if you seek to book cheap airfare with an excellent hotel room in Las Vegas, then you can opt to focus more on a definite hotel and use this as a basis to partner with low-cost airlines.

Learn to Match Choices

You can also get the best deals by trying to match different options available for airfare and hotels. Some companies offer higher discounts to particular hotel locations compared to others. The same applies to air travel packages. In doing this, you need a capable online booking provider that offers tools to adjust to the features that you want. Reputable companies usually offer the flexibility to provide different alternatives to help you get the most out of your budget.

Getting a Package vs. Booking Separately

Another significant point you need to consider in finding a suitable Las Vegas hotel deals and air travel is identifying whether you need to get a package of airfare and accommodation or book each one separately. Depending on your situation, a vacation package to Las Vegas is a good option if you seek to get the lowest prices available. Bundling hotel and airfare is also a sound decision when you need to travel at the last-minute or decide to spend vacation during peak season.

On the other hand, you can choose to book hotel rooms and flight itinerary separately when you want to have more control. Sometimes, individually booking gives you more savings since there are specific websites that offer higher discounts compared to a package. The case is also feasible if you want to look for accommodations that do not usually come in a bundle. Examples of these are bed-and-breakfast, inns, and hostels.

Putting Everything Together

Overall, choosing to get a package deal for hotel and air travel is a convenient way to plan your trip to Las Vegas. The strategies above emphasize the importance of doing your research and matching choices to complement your needs. As you learn to narrow down your selection of online booking companies, you begin to understand how to manage your travel itinerary effectively. More importantly, trying out different options can help you determine the benefits of availing airfare and accommodation bundle.
Look for the best Las Vegas hotel deals and air travel deals. Whether you’re on a budget or planning to splurge, getting the best deals is where it all starts. Visit www. lasvegashotel.deals today.