If you and your family have set your sights on Australia for next year’s holiday, you couldn’t have made a better choice, and the only way to see this wondrous land is by renting a campervan and exploring the many scenic routes that offer a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Australia. Apart from the obvious freedom and independence a self-driving holiday brings, it is also a bonding experience for the family as they work together to make the holiday a memorable one, and here are some useful tips to ensure the holiday is remembered for all the right reasons.

  • Sourcing a Vehicle – In order to be comfortable while travelling around, you need the right vehicle, and a modern campervan is the ideal solution. A typical unit comfortably sleeps four people, and with everything you could possibly need stored neatly away, the experience will be both comfortable and exciting. An online search is likely to lead you to cheap campervan hire, and by using an established company, they would have the necessary resources to offer round the clock support.
  • Selecting a Route – This is something that can be settled in a single afternoon, and with some Internet browsing and general discussion, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which part of the country to spend your holiday. There is great diversity in both climate and terrain, with the scenic coastal routes of New South Wales and the wonders of Western Australia, and if you really want to experience true wilderness, the outback is the ideal place for you.
  • Driving Licence – If you come from an English speaking country, your domestic driving licence will be accepted when renting a vehicle in Australia, otherwise, you will have to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) prior to departure. Any number of drivers can be registered, and it does make sense to have at least two people in the group who are legally allowed to drive the campervan, as distances are extensive.

  • Making a Booking – Hiring a campervan to see Australia is perhaps the most popular choice for both domestic and foreign tourists alike, so you will need to book well in advance. If you Google the right keywords, you will surely arrive at the website of an established campervan hire company, and they would have a wide range of vehicles for hire, as well as lots of useful information regarding every aspect of a self-driving holiday. Once you have selected your vehicle and preferred dates, a secure online payment ensures that your holiday is well and truly booked, and you can begin to think about what to pack.
  • Do Some Research – Using the Internet, you can research some of the local attractions that will be on your route, and also learn about the amazing wildlife that Australia is home to.

A self-driving holiday is the perfect way to experience Australia, and with a little planning and a reliable vehicle, you and your family are all set for the experience of a lifetime.