The beauty and blessing of miles of Sandy coast and endless blue sky-days cannot be ignored, making Cyprus every tourism promoter’s goal and dream, likewise is its spade package and lazy bucket holidays that is known to hundreds of Europeans every summer. Trust me, there’s a lot more to Cyprus than just its sand; have you checked out the eschew resorts to explore the heartland and Rove rural cobblestone villages? Or the fact that your parcels can actually be delivered through the Parcel ABC company if you will not be around to drop them yourself? There’s a lot more to Cyprus, and reading on will give you a better insight.

The World Heritage Status known to a whole town

There’s a vast amount of history known with this small island; the fortresses and  ancient tombs around the shops in Paphos, ancient palaces and archaeological sites have made the whole town a World Heritage Site. Paphos is known to be a high ranked international treasure, while the most colorful event in Cyprus remains the Limassol Carnival.


Carnivals in Cyprus come in a Dionysian blend

It wouldn’t be wrong to make the conclusion that Carnivals in Cyprus are a unique blend of later traditions and ancient Greek traditions. This goes as far back as the 16th century where there were fancy dresses and masked balls.

The ancient tombs in Cyprus are rock solid

One of the important reasons why Cyprus has retained a top spot on the World Heritage listing is the tourist attraction known with the Tombs of the Kings.

You do want to miss the Easter holiday

With over 80 percent of residents showing appreciation in form of worship to the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox faith, Easter has remained the island’s main holiday. During this time, no businesses are allowed to open for work. There is a lot of fun, elaborate vestments, singing, offerings, and incense during this period.

Be present for the Church Tours

Quite a number of the popular Byzantine buildings in Cyprus are still considered sacred, and so for this reason, a key-keeper is always present to safeguard the entire edifice. To show respect, tourists are made to put on full sleeves, long dresses for women and pants for men, and they are instructed to not rest behind the church icons. You might also want to go with a token as a form of donation if you’re touring a sacred building or church.