Finding a spot in a car park at a Parramatta hotel is almost always a hassle because of the volume of vehicles in the city. If you are not lucky enough, finding a spot can take you anywhere between five to 10 minutes, which is a lot of time if you are almost late for work or business meeting. To matters worse, you may encounter drivers who care less about others that they do not practice driving etiquette while looking for an available car park spot. Drivers who do not have manners in parking are easily a pet peeve for many mature and organized drivers as they delays and inconvenience to others.

Are you the type of driver who always struggles to find a good parking space or finds it difficult to maneuver his way to an available spot? If you are, then the tips below might help you have an easier time.

  • Take it slow – Speeding inside a car park is never a good idea because aside from it is very dangerous, you might also miss an available spot. Follow the recommended speed limit in the car park so you can be sure that you will not hit any oncoming vehicle or pedestrian. This will also help you find a good spot as you have more reaction time finding available ones. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, cruise slowly and you will eventually find a good spot to park. Also, be mindful of the car park line marking as it will serve as your guide and reference.
  • Keep your focus on the road – While inside the car park and looking for an available spot, make sure that you keep your focus on the road and not on other things like cell phone or your car radio. Don’t be distracted while driving inside a car park because you would never know if someone will cross in front of you. The message or call on your phone could wait, so keep your attention on the road so you can also easily spot available space.
  • Use your signal lights – One cardinal rule when it comes to car parking is to use your signal lights when turning. This will signal other vehicles that you are about to take a turn. This is also helpful when you have already found a spot. It will notify drivers behind you that you are about to position your vehicle so they will stop and give you way.
  • Use mirrors – If you are having a hard time maneuvering your vehicle inside a car park, the trick is to use the three mirrors of your vehicle. Use your car’s side mirrors and rear-view mirror as your guide so you can easily maneuver your vehicle, ensuring that you will position it the best possible way. Your mirrors, with the help of car park line marking, will let you know how much distance and space your vehicle has against the walls and other parked vehicles.
  • Do not open doors too wide – Once you have parked your vehicle and ready to alight, avoid opening your car doors too wide, especially if there is a vehicle on your door side, as you may hit the other vehicle’s door, which can damage both of your cars’ doors. Gauge the distance between your car door and his. If you have passengers, remind them to do the same so they will not accidentally hit the other parked vehicles’ doors.

Parking should never be of a big hassle when staying at a Parramatta hotel. Keep yourself away from accidents and stress by considering the tips mentioned.