Do you have to visit Mumbai any time soon? Well Mumbai is a busy city with many people coming and going. While some come for business purposes, others come to visit and many people come to relocate to Mumbai. So what kind of hotel should you look for and how should you select the right one for you will be largely determined by why you are going to Mumbai.

Let us take a look at three major reasons for which people generally tend to travel to Mumbai and how their hotel selection will vary accordingly.

Visiting for tourism purposes

Well if you are visiting Mumbai for tourism and want to cover the most important places that this city has to offer, then you should look for hotels that are near the Colaba area or near the Marine Drive. These are the prime locations in Mumbai where all the places of interest mainly are. Bandra is also a nice place to look for hotels but if it is old Mumbai that you want to experience then stay somewhere near Colaba. There are some really famous five star hotels in this region where you can book your stay. As per the range and quality of the hotel, fix that based on the budget of your trip so that you can stay at pocket friendly prices and explore the city as much as you can.

Visiting for business purposes

Well if you are going to Mumbai for some business work, then the first thing that you have to keep an eye on is where your area of business is and what hotels are near there. For example, if you have some work in Dadar, then look for hotels in dadar. This will not only help in saving time but also make communication much easier, especially if you have to travel to and fro. If you have to stay in the city for more than a month, then it is best that you look for paying guest accommodations than hotels. For a month long stay hotels will suffice. Look for places that come well within your budget since you are going there to earn money or get projects and saving up as much as possible.

Visiting for relocation purposes

Have you recently landed a job in Mumbai and you want to shift there? Are you having problems finding a place to stay? Well then for the first few months you can always put up at a hotel and search for a place that will be safe for you to stay. If your office will not be providing you with quarters you can always book a room within your budget for brief period of stay. You can consider homestays as well. But do make sure that the hotel where you will be staying is near your place of work so that you can save time in moving from your hotel to office and back.

Keep these factors in mind when it comes to selecting the perfect hotel for your stay in Mumbai.