Camping in summers can get very tricky as temperaturessoar to heightswhen tents retain a lot of heat in them. A good night sleep in these conditions will be your worst nightmare; you might even lose the charm and excitement of camping. Staying cool in these high temperatures isn’t just a matter of comfort, but it‘ll also avoid you from deadly complications, like dehydration and heatstroke.

There are many gadgets which can help you combat heat, like portable air conditioners, air coolers, and others. These gadgets are expensive and require batteries or electricity to work. This can put you in a tricky spotwhen you’re camping in a place without electricity.

Here are some inexpensive techniques which you can use to stay cool in camping tent this summer without electricity:

Start with the tent and its placement

If you’re camping in the heat of summer, you must make sure that the tent you’re taking with you is ideal for the weather. Make sure your tent has good ventilation andample space for the air to circulate. Choosing a tent with mesh will be an ideal choice for camping in summer to facilitate easy air circulation and less or noheat retention.

The placement of the tent at the camping site plays a crucial role in camping, after you choose a well-suited tent for the weather. Make sure to keep your tent under some sort of shade, you can always find large trees, rocks, and other things that could provide you shade. When the tent is under the shade it works wonders to keep you and the tent cool.

If you don’t find any shade in the camping site, you can also make your own shade by using some spare tent poles and tarpaulin. If you’re planning for some activities outside the tent during the day, make sure you bring down your tent and rebuild it after sunset.

Insulate the ground

Camping in rocky and sandy areas can result in new challenges with the ground retaining heat during the day and releasing at night. Make sure you carry floor mats to sleep in the tents at night; it can provide you some respite fromthe heat coming out of the ground.

Focus on your clothing

It’s recommended that you wear loose, light colored clothes, and mesh shoes instead of boots to keep you cool in the camp site. Some prefer using hats to keep the sun of your face and sunglasses to protect your eyes. You can also use bandannas which you could soak in ice water and drape it around your neck and head to keep you cool during high temperatures.

Use low-end tech solutions

Low-end tech solutions can come in handy while camping in summers, you can use battery operated fans to keep your tents cool. During the day you can use the fan to get some respite from the heat, and at night you can us the fan as an exhaust which could take out the hot air and bring in the fresh air.

You can also use ice boxes where you could keep all your drinks and also have some ice cubes in front of a fan, which will allow you to have cool air for some time. and other camping and hiking sites provide useful information for the first-timers and experts alike.

You can have a great camping experience and stay cool in camping tent this summer, if you keep these simple techniques in mind and put a little effort in your tent.