As you plan your next big holiday out of the country, you may find there are more options available than you originally thought. Some locations are small enough and simple enough to use traditional transportation methods, but others, such as Spain, require a different approach to get the most out of your time there.

First and foremost, Spain is an enormous country with many thousands of things to see and explore during any given day of the year, thus, it might be better for you and those coming along with you to consider a walking tour over traditional holiday plans. Not only do you get to see some areas of Spain never seen through the usual options, but you could come home with a burning for adventure in other locations. Once you know why a walking tour is the best and why Spain should be the country in which you try it for the first time, you should quickly find the decision very easy to make.

The Sun

Rain in Spain is mainly located on the plain, if there is much rain at all, and this country is statistically considered Europe’s sunniest place. The coastal resorts located near the Mediterranean see an average of 300 days of sunshine in any given year, staying sunny even during the winter months.

For this reason alone, you and anyone travelling with you could stand to benefit from a holiday there. After all, the UK is famous for cloudy weather and rain, which can quickly become dreary for someone living there. On Spanish walking holidays you get to bask in the sun all day long while moving at your own pace from one new location to the next.

The Cultural Landmarks

Some of the most famous artists and architects in the world have made a mark on this amazing country. From being the home of Salvador Dali to the architect Antoni Gaudi, you are unlikely to see anything as spectacular as the work they left behind in their home country. If you want to take a close look at some of the most amazing cultural works and buildings ever created, Spain is one of your best places to go. On a walking tour, you can visit all of these places and more at your own pace and without any forced itineraries to slow you down or cause stress.

The Beaches

As you explore Spain and its many treasures, you cannot fail to spend at least once day on the beaches. With more than 8,000 kilometres of coastline to explore, there are thousands of beaches, from tiny rocky coves to vast expanses of smooth sand. Whatever type of beach you prefer, you are sure to find it in Spain. In addition, the sheer number of beaches along the shoreline can all but guarantee you to find one with nearly no one there.

With your own private stretch of land to explore and enjoy, you and your fellow travellers can make the most of your time away from home. You deserve the chance to enjoy some warm sun and time away from the typical bustle of everyday life.