Evolution in Education Field

Earlier there were only few courses which were chosen by students after they complete their 12th class. So basically in 90’s the courses were related to Engineering, Law and Medical. These were the 3 main branches which people chose and made their career in these fields. At that time, there was not much competition in these fields as girl child were not allowed to go for further education after they have completed their 12th, not only this girl child were not even sent to schools and were not allowed to gain some knowledge and make their career ahead. So basically only boys were allowed to fulfill their dreams at that time and which they easily did as there was no such competition .If we compare 20th century with 21st century, you will see a lot of difference in every field whether it is education, industry, medical, science, etc. we can see a lot of change in these field due to growth in Indian economy and development of India. All this is done by the small steps we took towards our country and these small steps were the broadening of Indian minds. As these minds started thinking out of the box, people started doing something which will be beneficial for India, instead of thinking about them, they started thinking about their country and according to that they started putting some efforts and due to those efforts, today India is known among the most developed countries in the world.

If we go through the current situation of education system in our country, it is completely changed from what it used to be in 90’s era. You can now see girls have started joining schools even in villages and are doing brilliant in their fields, making their career better than boys and are proving that girls are not weak than boys. Many new courses has been started like Designing, English Honours, Economics Honours, Mass comm, transport management course, etc. and every year allot of students are getting their admissions done in colleges and every field whether its science, commerce or arts is getting some brilliant students which are contributing in India’s development and growth.

Due to these diverse courses many students are getting opportunity to make their career in the field they are interested and for that they do not have to go abroad. They can stay with their loved ones and an study within their education budget. For post-graduation, many colleges offer loans which students can repay after they have completed their education.

So now this education system is not lacking from any other country’s education system and now every child is getting equal opportunity to prove him/ her.