Mumbai though not the capital of India but the financial capital of this country. This is a very busy city and those who live here say that this city never sleeps. This city has numerous places to visit and they are worth a visit. Of course, this is a hub for the cinema enthusiasts and one can get to see a lot of film studios as well. Then there is the lovely Marine Drive. This is a long stretch that runs beside the green Arabian Sea and it is one of the serenest places in the city. Here people can spend some peace time alone or with their friends. Here they can sit and watch the sea waves hitting the shores endlessly and then going back to the sea again. No matter what, whenever you are in Mumbai you have to come to this place at least for once.

Then there is another attraction here. This is the Taraporewala Aquarium. This is the oldest aquarium in this country and therefore it is a must visit when you are in Mumbai. If you want to know the Taraporewala Aquarium timings, you can log into their official website to know exactly when it opens and closes. It is said that this aquarium was inaugurated in the year 1951. It is a place where in can get to see a lot of marine fishes and in numerous fresh water fishes as well. To be precise it has almost 400 different species of fishes. This aquarium got closed for a few months because it needed some renovation and then it re opened again in the year 2015. One can get to see here since 12 feet long glass tunnels which rounds 180 degrees and on can see the fishes clearly as these glass tunnels are made from acrylic. Then there is a pool which has a lot of medium sized fish and they are completely safe. Children can put their hands in the pool and touch and play with the fishes as well. All the glass tanks that are present here have LED lights inside and so the fishes that are present here can be seen very clearly.

Taraporewala Aquarium

There are almost 400 different species of fishes and in total almost 200 fishes in this aquarium after the renovation is done. In fact, one can name a lot of rare fishes that can be seen here. Here the marine fishes that are seen are Blue Ribbon Eel, Blue spotted sting ray, clown tiger fish, copper band butterfly and many more. If you need to know what among the fresh water fishes that you can see here, then there are cat fish, electric blue jack Dempsey, jaguar, fronts and many more. On the other hand, it also has other water creatures here like stat fishes, eels and sea turtles.

In this aquarium, there are nine sweet water tanks and sixteen sea water tanks. There is also a tank which is full of mosses. Here all the pregnant fishes are kept so that they can live on mosses. There are also a lot of water lilies and aquatic plants present in the tanks.  Mainly this aquarium opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening. In the middle, it remains closed for an hour for the lunch break.

Do not miss this place if you are in Mumbai.