Out of all the continents of the world, perhaps Asia stands out the most due to its diversity and unique landscapes. The fascinating cultures, cuisines, traditions, languages and customs contribute to its popularity among travelers. I had always wanted to head out to this part of the world and my dream came true last year. I had enough savings and I had already bagged a 3 week leave from work. Finding airline tickets, booking hotels and making all other necessary arrangements was a naturally tedious process but now that I look back, I feel I did a pretty good job. I directed all my efforts to making sure the trip was managed within my budget. I used credit card points, airline miles, profession discounts and even stayed in hostels to make it all possible. The tour turned out better than I had imagined and I can’t wait to go back to discover Asia again!

  1. India

I landed in India. Why? Well the cheap airline ticket to Delhi might be one reason. I had heard India was not an easy destination for tourists in terms of security and it wasn’t hugely developed. So I wanted to tour it first and then proceed on to more developed destinations. Being in India made me realize how little things make a country so much fun. The hospitality of the locals was heartwarming and the local food quickly became my favorite. Despite a few ups and downs like an upset stomach, I had a wonderful time exploring Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Varanasi.

Touring the continent of Asia in 3 weeks

  1. China

Of course, I couldn’t leave China out of my tour. To be honest, the Chinese cuisine was a huge disappointment but I had a great time exploring the architecture, historical sites and religious destinations. I toured Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Guilin.

  1. Maldives

Out of all the destinations, Maldives was the most expensive one. In fact, I almost wasn’t able to visit it. The hotels were very pricey as was the ticket. That is when the idea to sell my credit card points hit me. The first question was, where to sell credit card points? I asked a few colleagues but they had no clue. Then I literally just put ‘where to sell credit card points’ on google and Viola, I had my answer. I was able to sell them at a good price on sellmymilesnow.com and this meant that my tour fund got some extra money. Maldives is breathtaking and there is no one who will dispute this claim. It is the perfect destination for a beachy vacation.

  1. Thailand

I loved the Thai cuisine, fascinating temples, hustle bustle of Bangkok and the gorgeous islands in Thailand. The country is extremely popular among tourists and does not need a long introduction. Best part about it? It is affordable!

  1. Vietnam

Exploring the tea plantations, British architecture and rich heritage of Vietnam was an amazing experience. One that I highly recommend to all travelers out there. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Danang are the must visit Vietnamese cities.