Exercising is very much needed these days. In order to stay fit and healthy one has to enrol in some kind of fit regime and of course a healthy diet.

Not much people are very fond of going to a gym on a regular basis. They prefer something different when it comes to exercising. They go for yoga or brisk walking or else they can also prefer cycling on a daily basis which serves them as a good physical exercise.

  • Cycling is a great thing and it keeps your body joints fit and fine. When you are sitting on a cycle you are actually putting pressure on your pelvic bones which in turn serves good to joint related stiffness. The muscles remain flexible enough even at old age.
  • Going for a cycle ride means pushing your pedals which is equal to an aerobatic workout. This is very good for your blood vessels, heart and brain. When this exercise is done, there is a release of endorphins which makes you feel young and energetic.
  • If you are thinking of building up your muscles, then this is a great idea. Pedalling needs a lot of down stroke which works well on the gluteus muscles of the buttocks. It also helps in forming the quadriceps in the thighs and the soleus muscles in the calves. That is why; it is really good for thigh muscles and calves. Not only thighs but cycling can really help in forming the abdominal muscles strong and shoulder bar muscles well formed. The best part of cycling is, it helps you to gain balance and also increases a lot of endurance.
  • But not everyone is fit for regular cycling. You need to consult a doctor before you start doing this. If you have any kind of heart diseases or arthritis then recommendation of a doctor is much needed. Many says that if one is suffering from osteoporosis, then riding a tricycle can really help as it has more balance than a two wheeler.
  • When you are riding a cycle, you should check that your seat is in a considerable height. It should be such so that your knees remain a bit bent while paddling the cycle.
  • Going for a ride on a cycle means you have to wear a helmet for sure. Safety is the first thing you should consider about. Do not ever use clips so that your feet stay on pedals. If you fall from the cycle, then you can be heavily injured. Try to stay hydrated when you are cycling. Carry a sipper on your carrier. Wear comfortable clothes while cycling. Go for comfortable shorts and t shirts. Wear some bright colours so that you remain visible to other vehicle drivers. Give an extra pad to your saddle to make it more comfortable.

Cycling in Delhi is fun as lot of events are arranged where one gets an opportunity to paddle around the city. This is a healthy thing and interesting as well.