5 Tips to Buy a Fishing Kayak

July 6, 2018 John Stevens 0

Kayaks are available in different sizes and shapes. It is imperative on your part to choose the right kayak for you because it will not only give you the best fishing experience, you will enjoy […]

Cyprus and its beauty

Cyprus and its beauty

April 7, 2018 John Stevens 0

The beauty and blessing of miles of Sandy coast and endless blue sky-days cannot be ignored, making Cyprus every tourism promoter’s goal and dream, likewise is its spade package and lazy bucket holidays that is […]


March 27, 2018 John Stevens 0

CAJUNS Cajuns are the specific class of people who are French Canadian descent present along the marshes, prairies and small streams of Louisiana.  The word “Cajun”emerged in 19th century when the Acadians began to arrive. […]