There are a wide range of benefits from cycling, and many (but not all) of those are ones which include improvements in your all round health and happiness. And as you can plainly see, in most cases, cyclists are normally calm and content people. So, whether it’s to increase your fitness, your health, or as an environmental issue, the very easy task of taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best things you ever do. If you think otherwise, let’s check out some other great benefits that come with cycling.

You’ll get There Faster

If you happen to commute by bicycle in a city or large town, you’ll get where you wish to be in half the time of a car. You must have seen cyclists come flying past you as you moved slowly in a vehicle, and they were not only getting where they wanted to be faster, but waking up later, and spending more time in bed! This is also the case in bike-friendly or less congested cities in the UK and overseas, and usually you will get around a city centre that much faster riding a bicycle.

A New Take on Holidays

The great advantages of taking acycling holiday from Hooked on cycling, go way beyond the amount of exercise that you will get. And if you’ve ever wished to learn more about somewhere you’ve chosen to travel to, a bicycle vacation will satisfy that curiosity like no other mode of transportation can. Riding your cycle, you’re likely to spot places that you would have otherwise have overlooked, plus, if you wish to stop for a closer look, it’s a lot easier than in a car, as you may have driven past something before you realised what it was. (If you ever saw it at all!)

Much Better Sleep

That early morning commute or ride might tire you a little in the short term, but it will certainly help you to catch some great quality sleep after later in the evening. Bicycling helps you to get your circadian rhythm back in synch, and rid your body of cortisol, the stress hormone that prohibits deep, regenerative sleep.

You’ll Look and Feel Great

With regular cycling you will increase your circulation and send oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively, and at the very same time help to flush harmful toxins out. This also assists in making the perfect environment inside of your body to improve collagen production, which then goes on to reduce wrinkles and speed up the healing process.

Keeping Illness at Bay

Bicycling is a wonderfulmethod to help keep yourself in good shape and that’s even if you’re doing just a little bit of it most days. The exercise will make help immune cells to be more active, and ready to fight off infection.

After reading the above, who wouldn’t want to go on a bicycling holiday? I know I do!