When you are in Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss to try their street foods. Their street foods are equally delicious, same as the ones served in restaurants, and you get a good value for your money. Though eating Vietnamese food on the street may not be as comfortable as when eating at the restaurant, it can still be a very good experience for you. Since some of these dishes are so popular, you can also find some Vietnamese food in Singapore and other countries around the world. Here are the 10 Vietnamese foods and drinks that you need to try;

Spring Rolls

A spring roll is made up of vegetables and herbs like lettuce, carrots, coriander and mint. It is mixed with shrimps, crabmeat or chicken, wrapped in a thin rice paper and served with nuoccham dipping sauce. There can be variety for spring rolls. If you don’t want meat or seafood in it, then you can ask for plain vegetable and herb spring roll. Many people find this dish very healthy and refreshing.


Pho is a noodle soup made up of rice noodles and slices of meat that can be either chicken or beef. The stock continuously simmering from a firewood stove is poured over the noodles and its toppings. A basket of vegetables and herbs is ready on the table. When you are going to eat Pho on the street, it’s going to be a faster compared to when you are eating in a restaurant.  People come and go to eat Pho.


BanhMi is famous around the world. There are different restaurants and food carts that are specially serving Banh Mi. BanhMi is a French baguette sandwich with a filling of pickled carrots, pickled radish, lettuce, and cucumber, slices of chicken or seafood. Pate is added to the sandwich to make it taste delicious and moist. BanhMi can have different fillings to choose from and it can be eaten on the go. BanhMi can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. Some people also eat Banh mi as their main meal for the day.


Vietnamese coffee is called CaPhe. It is stronger than ordinary coffee. It is made from 100% coffee beans. Vietnam is known to be one of the biggest suppliers of coffee beans in the world. If it’s your first time to drink CaPhe, you must drink only a bit to measure the coffee effect on you. Vietnamese coffee is strong and you might end up staying awake the whole evening when you drink too much. You also can order CaPhe with added condensed milk to lessen the effect on you. You can order Cap Phe either hot or with ice.


BanhBao is a steamed dumpling with different fillings. It is the same as the Chinese baozi.  Banhbao has a filling of mea, quail egg and mushrooms. Banhbao is often served hot to achieve the best taste.

Fresh Coconut Juice

Fresh coconut sold on the street is served straight from the fruit. The sweet coconut fruit juice taste is refreshing especially during the hot weather. It is known that drinking coconut juice is healthy for your kidneys. Some vendors serve the coconut juice with condensed milk and ice.


BanhCuon is best eaten for breakfast since it’s going to give you your much needed energy to start your day. BanhCuon is rice flour rolls.  The rice flour of BanhCuon is thinly steamed and when it is cooked, they put a filling of chopped mushroom and chopped meat. It is then rolled and garnished with crispy fried shallots. It is served with a side dish of blanched sprouts and some vegetables. Nuoccham is served together with it to make it taste a little bit salty.If you want to be a little spicy, then you can add chilies with it. Like other very popular dishes, you can find this Vietnamese food in Singapore.