Tips to Saving Money at Expensive Vacation Destinations

As much as everyone loves to travel, it is not something that you can manage easily. The borders, visa policies and high expenses make the process tedious and difficult. Granted some countries are cheaper than others but there are still several amazing places that fall in the category of ‘expensive’. Giving up on such places is not the solution though. As the wise always say, where there is a will, there is a way. Following this inspirational quote, we list the most useful tips to saving money at expensive vacation destinations around the world.

  1. Join a frequent flyer program

Flights to expensive countries are naturally costly. In fact, for most places like Italy, Norway and Switzerland, air tickets are the major expense. This is where a frequent flyer program comes in handy. For long now, travel and airline miles have established a relationship. Airline Miles help you save a great deal of money on airfare, depending on the number of miles you have accumulated over time.

  1. Redeem miles on your hotel

Airline miles are a traveler’s best friend. In fact, for avid travelers, travel and airline miles go hand in hand. You can not only use miles to save money on the air ticket, but also redeem the remaining miles on partner hotels at your vacation destination.

  1. Travel on local transport

Usually expensive vacation destinations are the ones that are fully developed and have all the modern facilities including a good local transport system. Car rental prices are quite high at such places. Since local transport is subsidized, the cost of traveling on it is really low.

  1. Eat the local street food

Eating local does not mean you are making a huge sacrifice or compromising on the quality of your holiday experience. In fact, popular travelers around the world always recommend local cuisine and what better place serves the local cuisine than the streets? Street food is extremely popular all over the world and good thing it is affordable too.

  1. Stay at a hostel

If you are unable to find a budget hotel, opt for a hostel. Granted the services provided at a hostel are minimum, but you have a comfortable place to sleep at night and that is all that should matter.

  1. Free Attractions

Before you head out to your vacation destination, do your research and list all the places that are free to visit. Trust me, you will find plenty of amazing parks, churches and mosques among other places. Apart from a few popular tourist attractions, explore the free places to lessen the burden on your pocket.

  1. Travel in the off season

This is no unknown fact that prices of everything involved in a vacation trip go down in the low season including airfares and hotels. A lot of discounts and promotional offers are also introduced during this time. Avail the benefits while you can.