Located close to the Northwest coast of Malaysia, Penang perfectly obliges any traveller looking to enjoy beauty and relaxation during his or her holiday. Locals and tourists alike call the beautiful state the “Pearl of the Orient,” and there are more than a few reasons for the name. As is true of many Asian locations, costs are far lower than in Western countries, allowing you to enjoy all its delectable foods, stunning scenery, and unparalleled accommodations at an affordable price.

The Art

Penang is home to several of Asia’s most interesting and eye-catching street art designs, and the tradition of painting exterior walls with enormous murals started in 2012. During this time, a relatively unknown but extremely talented Lithuanian artist named Ernest Zacharevic painted a number of works for the Georgetown Festival. His art gained a huge following, and it instantly changed the way Penang travellers and locals viewed the state’s street artists.

Today, you can discover a wide range of beautiful art pieces dotting the city. You can also spend hours exploring every building and discover more paintings. For example, you can find more of Zacharevic’s works in Penang, along with artwork from other aspiring artists in the area.

Furthermore, you receive a priceless up-close view of a famous local artist’s work. The painters are about to make a name in the art world, and the photos of their works are great, and free, souvenirs to bring home.

The Accommodation

The right Penang hotel completely changes the tone of your stay in Penang, so you want to find an establishment with beautiful views and affordable prices. Many luxury hotels exist across the state, and each include a number of amazing amenities with the price of booking a room.

Therefore, you should choose a hotel with designs such as contemporary layouts and luxurious fittings, especially if you can afford to pay for a more luxurious room. One hotel in particular is famous for its beautiful and private dip pool. Additionally, every room is equipped with a relaxing steam room.

The Food

Penang offers delectable street foods. The available produce is unlike anything you may have bought at home, especially if you usually eat processed foods from the local market. The street vendors and the many eateries provide customers with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products. They are made to order and include freshly harvested produce, caught seafood, and local meats.

The spices available in the state of Penang are bold and flavourful, so locals use the seasonings to add colour and sophistication to even the simplest broth dishes.

No matter the time of day, you will find men and women selling fresh food on the corner of the street. Therefore, you have various options to try. The many choices available in Penang allow you to eat a new dish every day, and several of the recipes have been around for thousands of years. Not only do you get a filling and delicious meal during your stay, but you may also taste the same flavours and foods that were served to locals hundreds of years ago.