Kolkata has always been a food lover’s paradise. Immersed in the city’s heart and history are the delicious cuisines. Take a dig into some of its most iconic restaurants and streets that exude the aroma of some of the best dishes of India. This is where you get all the local food in Kolkata. Next time you travel to this part of the country, make sure you visit these eatery joints and savour the delicacies of the East. 

It’s called the food lover’s paradise. And for all the right reasons. This is Kolkata we are talking about, and the city makes no mistakes when it’s about serving up a scrumptious meal. For those who thought that Kolkata’s palates stop at fish, brace yourself for Kolkata’s most interesting local flavours and the places to find it.

Kathi Roll at Zeeshan, Sarat Bose Road

If you’ve ever been to Kolkata, you know that Kathi Rolls are what golgappas are to Delhi or vada pav is to Mumbai. Even if you have to take a Mumbai to Kolkata flight or Delhi to Kolkata train, a well-made Kathi roll can make your trip worth it. So, here’s a little tip, on your visit to Kolkata; keep some space for these rolls at Zeeshan. The doughy texture of the parantha with a fluffy egg does justice to the health conscious league as they are careful with the oil. And the flavours are all from Bengal.

Nahoum & Sons Jewish Bakery, New Market 

Why we say Jewish, yet local? Because Nahoum & Sons gives you a flavour of what the small Jewish community has been making for years. This one brings you pastries, rum balls, brownies and more with a Jewish twist.

Kewpie’s, Elgin Lane 

Nothing fancy about Kewpies. But everything is authentic about it. You will find everything you want in a Bengali meal, at Kewpies. The meals are served in terracotta utensils. You get everything from Daab Chingri to Malai Churry Chingri here. Stop for a thali; you won’t regret.

Bohemian, Old Ballygunge 1st Lane

Experience local flavours in fine dining style. Welcome to a place that has everything you want from the local Kolkata food. From the panch phoran chicken to vodka-soaked prawns, there’s nothing you won’t find. Gear up for some Gondhoraj Lime Bhekti (cod in King Lime sauce). And if that wasn’t enough, the chefs will stir up a perfect Aam Aada Bhekti (cod in mango and ginger sauce), something you find in Delhi or Mumbai easily.

Ballygunge Place

Walk into this 100-year-old bungalow with everything Bengali on its menu. Kasha Mangsho, Daab Chingri and all traditional spicy Bengali curries are waiting for you here. They usually are a busy place, so make sure you are okay waiting for your food when you visit here.

Kolkata Airport

So you checked your Indigo or Go Air or Air India Flight Status and just found out that your flight is delayed by an hour or more? Well, worry not, as a few stalls here will give you the most authentic flavours one last time before you leave this beautiful city. Grab a meal at Top Deck Restaurant or get some authentic Bengali sweets from Sweets Stall and satiate your sweet tooth.

Take a walk into some of the old streets of Kolkata and enjoy some excellent dining and street food experience. From nostalgic Kolkata street food to the historic Jewish secrets, do not miss the food experience when you are in Kolkata next.