Tourist visa for Canada is an interim immigration privilege that facilitates visitors to travel this maple leaf country for exploration and recreation.  Other terminologies for Canada tourist visa are Canadian visitor visa or Canadian temporary resident visa.  The maximum time period of this visa is of six months, that is enough for a person to explore a country in one go.  There are two types of visitor visas granted by Canada high commission, they are:

  • Single entry visa: A single entry visa permits the visa holder to visit Canada only one time.  Once a person exits the country, except few exceptions, requires applying a new visa to enter again.
  • Multiple entry visas:  A multiple entry visa permits a traveler to enter and exit from the country for six months without applying for a new visa.  This visa remains valid up to 10 years, or a month before the expiry of visitor’s passport, whatever occurs first.

To obtain Canada visitor visa from India is a facile process.  The only thing you have to do is to fulfill the eligibility criteria.  While applying for the tourist visa, you have to establish certain facts about yourself in front of immigration officers with valid documents. They are as under:

  • A valid passport
  • Your source of income to see financial condition during your residence in Canada.
  • Your permanent address proof outside Canada to ensure your return.
  • Your physical and mental health condition.
  • The time period of your stay.
  • No criminal records
  • Your acknowledgment to adhere to country’s law.
  • Ready for medical examination.

How to apply for the tourist visa:  Go through the immigration site of Canada and ensure your eligibility for visitor’s visa.  Upon being confirmed your eligibility, you can apply visitor visa for Canada from India by two methods.  They are:

  • Online Application:  For online application, there must be camera access, credit card, and a scanner, so that you can submit your photo and supporting documents.
  • Fill the form on paper:  Download application form from the website and follow the instructions.

Complete your application form, and annex all the documents required as proof.  Make sure the availability of barcode at the end of the page.  Along with form, you have to pay visa processing fees via cheque or demand draft.

Visit local Canada visa application center along with the required documents like passport, photographs, completed forms, and all supportive documents like checklist and payment guidelines.  Submit all the documents along with filled form at visa center and deposit the fees. You will get receipt with tracking number to follow your application status.  The fees paid are non-refundable.  If in case your visa application gets rejected your payment will not be refund back.

If you want to stay for longer period to relish the natural beauty of the beautiful country, you have an option to extend your visa by mere application for extension one month before expiry.

Canada is one of the most enticing tourist favorable country to visit at least once, not only because of its natural beauty but also for easy immigration rules and awesome hospitality by the Canadian citizens.