6 Things every loyalty program user should know

Now that the concept of frequent flyer programs has become quite common, the awareness level about them is on the rise as well. But there is still a long way to go. Some may know all there is to know about a frequent flyer program but many users are in the learning stage whereas the new travelers have to start from scratch in order to know about airline miles in detail. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an amateur one, here are 6 things every kind of traveler should know.

  1. Credit cards are the best tool to earning miles

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The ultimate goal of every traveler is to earn as many miles as possible as they help you save money eventually. All experienced travelers agree that one of the best ways to earn airline miles is through a credit card. There are a lot of credit cards that are in alliance with frequent flyer programs. You earn miles on signing up for such cards as well asgather miles on transactions you make through the card.

  1. The difference between points and miles

People often confuse miles and points. There is no big difference between the two except in the way they are earned. Points are earned through the bank whereas airline miles are earned on flights. You can transfer points and change them into miles to make things less complicated.

  1. Miles will expire if you are not careful

Some people keep airline miles in their account without realizing that they have an expiration date. The expiration date will vary airline to airline but the bottom line is that they will expire eventually. It is better to redeem them in time to ensure no loss is incurred.

  1. You can sell airline miles

Many travelers are unaware that you can sell airline miles if there is no other use for them. Sometimes you are not traveling and there are airline miles in your account. Instead of letting them expire, sell them online in exchange of cash.

  1. Airline miles of one airline can be used for another airline

Contrary to general understanding, airline miles of one airline can be redeemed for another airline’s air ticket. There are multiple airlines which have partnered with each other and this is quite a blessing. Airlines that are members of an alliance like Star alliance have interlinked loyalty programs which makes things quite convenient for the traveler.

  1. You can avoid expiration if you keep earning miles

 A dormant account with airline miles gathered are dangerous as after 18 months or so the miles expire. But if you keep the account in motion, the expiration date is postponed. Basically, if you continue to earn miles, the ones already in the account also gain a new life. It is always a good idea to earn miles even when you are not traveling through the dining or shopping programs associated with your loyalty program.