By the time of last call, and the bars are closing for the night you may find yourself between the hard and the rock places. Also if you are not in a good condition to drive your vehicle, reliable transportation is the best choice to be safe.

If all the taxis are busy at night time, what shall we do at that situation?

This is the common thing happened for those who had the wild night out on the town. Even though the taxis are available in your area, but it is impossible to call the cab as crowds flock outside the city bars if you look for a safe ride.

But this is the right time to book the limo in advance, the affordable transportation option while spilt among few friends. This is also the best transportation solution for a special night out, such as graduation, promotion dinner, or a birthday party. In order to book the limo this website will help you to proceed further.

Limo rent versus taxi fares

For most of the bar patrons while looking for the cab, this may be the common delusion that the taxi fares are very much less when compared to limo rents. But according to the recent caption from the New York City, the taxi capital, the taxi fares are likely to rise by an average of about 17 %.

Limousine Service

The passengers are looking for the safe ride to home in the New York City, this can rise up considerably to the average fare, specifically when the factor in a tip and a toll. This will be the first cause for the increase in the taxi fare in the Big Apple since 2004, when the fares rose roughly by 26 %.

If in case you need a safe ride after a party night out, always keep in mind that a taxi will charge the base fare, in addition to  that rate  based on the timer and the mileage with the surcharge. Without all these things, you need to pay some tip to the rider at the end of journey. The taxi fares cost may be quiet high and it depends upon the length of your journey.

While you compare all these aspects with the limo service, it will give you a price quotes in advance. So, you came to know about how much you should pay for your ride from your destination to your home. Also you can split the payment among your friends, taking into the extra charges for extra stops, toll roads and for waiting time.

Or, if you do not have the friends to split you payment, you can also consider renting a car for the safe means of transport. This can be as cheaper as or affordable than calling for the taxi, depending upon the city.

Reliable transportation

While in the great discussion between hiring the cars service and taking a cab, the reliability will be the deciding factor. At the busy time of night after the party it is difficult to get the taxi.