30-06 rifles have been introduced 120 years back, but it is the favorite one for many Americans, because of its specification. This rifle has been introduced due a battle field, once a battle held at 1960s the soldiers in the united states military cannot able to focus the people beyond the yard, in order to avoid that purpose the 30-60 rifle has been invented. The name of it stands for that, 30 describes the capacity of the bullet and o6 stands for the year by which it has been discovered.

It has magnum calibers, this is the important thing for providing the best performance, and it has M1906 chamber and 150 bullet grain capacity indulged in a cupronickel jacket. The elevation of it has made rifle material to vanish its metal, which is beneficial for long distance shooting. The most striking feature of this is it does not use recoils, which were harsh at some time, and thus it is the best rifle in North Americas for the long distance shooting.

The 30-06 can be used for both the long site gaming and short site gaming, not all the rifle provide the same feature but only the 30-06 provides. It has the ability to carry the bullets to the long and wide range. The caliber with 110 to 220 grain can be easily fixed into this rifle. This shows that it can handle both light weight and heavy weight calibers. There are several websites now selling this rifle, among them, select the good 30-06 rifle and enjoy various types of shooting.

Apart from the soldiers many uses this rifle for hunting purpose, it helps in hunting, there are several types of grains are used for these rifles for special purpose, some are

150 Grain

These are the best and affordable for all. It is specially used for deer hunting, because of its less weight and speed of bullets to hunt the deer. It gets shot down the prey in seconds.

125 Grain

It is less in weight, and easy to handle. But it makes noisier, hence rarely used outside.

130 Grain

It has the same features of the 125 grain; it is also rarely used one.

165 Grain

These bullets are the best among all, because of its bullet carry balanced weight, hence focusing and enables clear vision for the aiming person. It works equally for the short and long hunting with equal accuracy.

180 Grain

It is favorite one for its weight, it is unique among the all, and it is tough to handle than the other bullets

200 Grain

It is used for big animals. Hence it is slow in speed; it travels only with less penetration effect towards the animal. The animal cannot feel the bullet radiation until the bullet get into it. It is used for animals like bear and elephants.