If you are one of those who want to go to Germany then the good news is that there are ways. Exactly, if you really want to be there on that land, explore a little, grab the options and hit the forehead with your tactics. Of course, you would have to put in some efforts but that would be for good.

It is important for you to know that the citizens of the European Union, similarly citizens of the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea can easily apply for their residence permit for the work purposes after they enter Germany that too in the absence of any visa.  However, the citizens of other countries are needed to apply and get a visa for work purposes before they enter Germany.Of course there are people who do avail Germany job visa to ensure that they make their place therein.

Remember once the application has been accepted by the Aliens’ Office and similarly by Work Office, the Embassy is going to issue you a residence permit in the shape of a visa that would encompass an authorization allowing you to work in Germany. The good news is that you would not haveto obtain any extra work permit once you have arrived Germany.

What are the document requirements for Germany?

There are a few important requirements that you have to be careful about. Have a look below:

  • You should have two fully finished application forms
  • There has to be two passport photographs that are as per the needs given on the official website.
  • You should have a valid national passport
  • You should be having employment contract or letter of intent direct from your future employer the country.
  • Your need to carry your driver’s license andutility bill too in your name as an evidence of residence in consular wherein you have planned to apply
  • You are also needed to submit copies of all these documents, have to get insured and pay a visa charge of sixty Euros.

Work Permits for Non-EU Nationals

It might interest you that the introduction of the fresh Immigration Law in 2005 January by the German Republic there are all in all 3 residence permits for work purposes:

  • General employment
  • Self-employed
  • Specialist professional

If you think that you can be fitted in these areas then you can surely apply for these visas. But make sure that you have to match up with all needs. If you have even a smidgen of doubt then you should talk to professionals and take their guidance. They can help you in making the right decision and betting on the right house. Remember that even a single error or missing of document or need can lead to a complete doom. You have to be double and triple sure about everything when you apply for the visa.


Thus,whether you go for Germany job seeker visa or any other type of visas; always make sure that you deposit documents tactfully.