Is your best buddy big on travelling? You can’t blame him because going to new places is very fun and exciting! If he is planning on going on a trip very soon, you can give him something that he can use all the time while he is out of the country or out of town! Gifts doesn’t always have to be expensive or posh. Sometimes, gifts that are very practical are already enough for them to really appreciate it.

If you don’t know what type of gifts you can give to your best friend, don’t worry because will definitely give you a hand. They have so many holiday travel gifts for him that you won’t have to empty your wallets just to purchase it. Practicality is their game, and your friend will very much love these gifts that you got for them.

An Explorer Bottle, for your Explorer Friend!

The Explorer Bottle is very trendy and is very Instagram-able! Your friend will surely love the design, they won’t have to put an effort when taking a photo with it especially when he’s out in the woods, or up above the mountains. He can carry a 500 ml drink with him wherever he goes! Which also means that he will remember you wherever he is. Even if he’s back from his travels, he can still use it at work or while out for a morning jog. It only costs £12.50, which is already pretty cheap for something that will last so many years.

A Notebook that won’t get wet, ever!

Your friend will definitely love this one. If they are travelling and are planning on going to many vacation hotspots, they could use this Waterproof Notebook to make a list on the things that they are looking forward to on those places. Their notes are all secured at the same time especially if they are the careless types who could accidentally pour a glass of water on their notes. It only costs £12.95 and for that price, it is already worth it! The material is called Waterproof stone paper and as the name suggests, all the thoughts and words that your friend have written there are safe from the harms of water. Don’t you worry.

Something for them to log their travels in

The Travelogue Travel Journal may be the best gift ever for them! They could already plan ahead of time the different activities that they could do while they are away on their vacations! It also has a diary, for them to jot down their thoughts about the travels that they had. It becomes very fun because of the 8 miniature Scratch Maps in order for them to keep track of the countries that they have been to. It is made out of recycled cardboard so they can definitely live guilt-free. For only £18.95, they already have more than what it costs!

These gifts that were mentioned above are only available at Luckies. Told you that they only sell high-quality and practical gifts that you will also want for yourself! Your best bud will really appreciate your kindness when you give them something that is really thought out.