One of the more enjoyable and convenient way of fishing is through fishing kayaks. Get closer to nature as you hop in to your fishing kayak because of its mobility and portability. You can either use it in a lake, a river or even at the sea.

Compared to canoes, fishing kayaks are made to for stability for that times when there’s a big catch that’s difficult to put down without risking its promise of portability. And it is also less expensive than traditional power boats. There is some fishing kayak under $500 or even cheaper. It is the best buddies for anglers.

Unlike in other industry, the surge of fishing kayaks over the years has opened a lot of opportunities for businesses to start its own fishing kayak building business. This kind of industry has a stiff competition with dozens of brands building top quality fishing kayaks that are unique from each other and all proclaimed to be the best fishing kayak out there.

Since the competition is far greater than expected, it sometimes leads anglers and other enthusiasts who are planning to buy their own fishing kayaks into confusion. It is a jungle out there filled with brands claiming to have their own best kayaks that is why there are few reminders and tips to remember to choose that best fishing kayak that fits one’s needs.

There is a fishing kayak under $500 with the same high quality materials and features out there, there are also kayaks that are a thousand dollars worth with more features and boasts stronger materials that lasts longer but in the end, only the user can make the final decision.

But always be sure to check the length of the fishing kayak since this is one of the most important aspect to consider because the length is the one that dictates the overall performance of the fishing kayak. Short kayaks are usually 11-feet long which are more maneuverable while longer kayaks which are 12-feet longer are the ones that are faster. The two length types of kayaks are built to function very well in different bodies of water. The best kayak under $500 can also have this kind of features.

Also check the fishing kayak’s stability. It’s not easy fishing a large fish if the kayak is not stable. Although today’s kayaks are built to become more stable even when the angler is standing, make sure to buy the one which its stability is known for.

Since fishing is not an hour long activity, it is best to buy the kayak that can load enough storage for whole day fishing. Many fishermen carry different tackles and gear that is it’s always important also to choose a fishing kayak that has enough space to fit all in.

Most kayaks nowadays are built with innovation making it capable of determining the shallowness and depth of the water through its Global Positioning System (GPS) device that is why choosing a fishing kayak that has this kind of feature should be on someone’s check list.

The most important feature to look into before buying a fishing kayak is its portability. Choose the kayak that is easy to drag, load into the truck and light enough to be carried by hand.