When the opportunity arises to travel across the country, there are a few vehicle options available to you, depending on how you want to travel. If you want to pack onto a large bus and ride a long, slow route with many stops, that’s one possibility you can choose.

However, if you want to have control and reassurance that your trip goes off without a hitch, you should consider renting a campervan.

A campervan provides both transportation and sleeping accommodations in one, easy-to-drive vehicle, and is perfect for any person or a whole family who wants to make the most out of their long distance travel. Here are a few of the top benefits to help you understand why renting a campervan is an ideal option.

Schedule Friendly

One the most best reasons to hire a campervan is the control one has over the schedule. As opposed to falling victim to every bus station and rest stop on route for buses, renting a campervan and being the navigator for your own adventure puts the wheel in your hands and the road always ahead of you.

For those who can’t follow itineraries, renting a campervan also means the schedule follows you. Your route and travels all revolve around how you decide to plan or not plan them when you choose a Gold Coast campervan hire.


You could spend hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms each night during your travels, or maybe on just the essential equipment needed for camping. But why waste your money when renting a campervan is so much more cost-effective?

Most of your travel expenses are taken care of with a campervan since it provides a place to stay and sleep no matter where you are. Whether you’ve travelled to the centre of a National Park or are staying somewhere in the city, you can always count on the homely comfort of your campervan.

Outdoor Convenience

Travelling to spend time outdoors can be a great bonding experience for any family, but sometimes staying outdoors can be stressful and expensive. With a campervan, you keep the outdoors and lose the stress.

Sleeping in a comfortable bed then opening up the door to nature eliminates all the extraneous duties and difficulties that come with camping. Less stress means more time spent enjoying the open air, hiking, hunting, or just having fun with your family.

Campervan Variety

How many people will be travelling with you? How luxurious do you want your vehicle? These are questions one can ask when hiring a campervan, thanks to the wide variety of campervans available for rent.

Everything from compact to wide load campervans are available, and can provide as much space as you need. Whether you want a more modest ride, something that provides all the amenities you need, or a luxury campervan that has all the bells and whistles, there is a vehicle out there for you.